Registrar Registry Manager

Registrar Registry Manager 9.01

Maintain your local registry and the registries on the systems of your network

Maintaining your registry is such a chore I've never managed to learn how to do it properly in almost two decades that I spent using computers. Turns out it wasn't just my laziness talking - cleaning your registry is a hard thing to do. Inexperienced users can hardly make it on their own, but for those who try and learn, Registrar Registry Manager can be a good solution.

This program shows you right away that if you're an infant at this whole technical thing, it's not for you. The interface is complex, yet comfortable if you have experience in performing required procedures. It gives users access to a special set of tools for backing up and restoring registries or specific entries, performing a quick of thorough background search, replacing registry elements, adding descriptions to registry keys and values, etc. There is always an option of undoing all changes made in the bulk or individually.

A full description of the program's functionality would take hours. It has numerous tweaks and fixes for every situation. It can maintain the registry clean, safe and stable. You can monitor, edit and defrag the registry in any way you see fit. All it takes is a little technical prowess and a bit of practice.

James Lynch
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  • Extensive toolset
  • Stable and reliable
  • Safe to use


  • Hard to use if you're a casual user
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